What People Are Saying About "KC" Allison and Her CDs


-Lea Gilmore, It`s a Girl Thang-Women in the blues


…boy howdy!! I LIKE IT!   "I usually get to listen to the first ten seconds of songs. On this one I'm listening complete. 6 tracks down and 4 to go."

-Robb Morrison,  Host of KRZZ Blues Brunch, Whichita, KS


"I haven't stopped playing it yet, I hope it don't wear out…"

-John Pipes, "The Bandit" Bandit Blues Radio


"Exceptional tunes."

-Dick Wilson, KC Blues Radio


I loved it!

-Ian Brown, blues4ever.com


"I, as a rule, don't expect a lot from (forgive me…), female guitar players...But you are great."

-Stan Ruffo, alltheblues.com


"Her cd is killer. The girl can play."

-S. Rush, A fan from Blaney`s, Kansas City, MO-Posted this messsage on Blues Access Online Guest Book


"Allison, whose background includes graduating with honors from GIT, is flat out blazing onstage."

-Jana Pendragon, Music Connection


"She is very fluid with her playing. Kim`s bluesy clean tone had me swayin`….WHAT ENERGY!"

-Al "The Limo Man," Rock City News