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Another fine surprise dug up by WFDU`s, "Across the Tracks" program director Dave Grogan. I never heard Kimberly prior, but I suspect you will be hearing a lot from her in the not too distant future, as this lady has the potential to be a major player! This debut disc is a mix of about half instrumentals and vocal tracks not sung by Kimberly who focus`s on her wailing guitar. Five of the ten tracks included are originals from this very fine guitarist.

"Grill Your Own" a instrumental written by Allison will immediately grab your ears. Listen to Kimberly`s soaring guitar lines, which sets the tone of what is yet to come, both on this recording and in her potential blossoming career. A seeming tribute to Albert Collins, "Turn up the AC" a funky instrumental also authored by Kimberly, will have you moving and grooving, and made me wonder if KA`s roots are from Collins home state of Texas, with a slight nod to the master of sustain Harvey Mandel thrown in for good measure. Don Robey`s "Next time You See Me" covered by many, is decorated with fine horn charts, Mister Blues smooth vocals, and Allison`s tough guitar chords. Kimberly`s "Four Down Jump" is just that, a jumping swing, which shows off her T-Bone influences. "Portland Boogie" another hi-tempo jazzy instrumental by Allison, is yet another piece of ear candy as Kimberly`s guitar romps over the fine horn charts and Jennifer Hall`s fine baritone and tenor sax solos. Blast off and buckle up on another Allison written, "I 35 South" this time sounding a lot like another famous Texan, Stevie Ray Vaughan. What a way to leave a lasting impression, on the albums closing track, whew!

Lets see, produced, song & horn arrangements, engineered, co-edited, co-mastered, co-mixed, and art design all by Kimberly Allison. The lady does it all, and its her debut recording! And, oh yeah, she is also a stunning and intellectual guitarist too!

Go out and purchase this disk, at (www.KimberlyAllison.com), you will not be disappointed!

Happy listening,

Bob Putignano

One Down One to Go